Vagmen Group. (Vag) Vw,Audi Group.

German car enthusiasts for enthusiasts. 

Way back in 2009,four friends with a love for German engineering all vw owners, set about thinking of a way to achieve there car goals & modifications without spending thousands of pounds at high street garages,body shops & tuning bays!

A way in which we could bring together a community! A group! All different people with different skills with that same love. People with them same goals,hopes & dreams of that show worthy vehicle!

These days with low wages & living costs high. We wanted or dreamed of a community of people with realistic dreams of a show car standard. We wanted people in all sorts of skilled trades to come together,stick together & offer trade for trade. Your skills for my skills. 

We thought by doing this,people as a group would use there skills on cars in exchange for skills returned on there's! That way,people could work together in reaching there goals without paying the high street price! 

So we meet up one night,we ordered pizza,we brain stormed & Vagmen Group was born.

Six years later,hard work,dedication,car builds & many shows! Vagmen Group has over 4K members & is growing weekly. We've seen & done many car builds,met so many great people & shared so many skills & story's  to help those dreams become show winners! Modifying cars is not just a hobby,it's not just something you do when your 17! It's a lifestyle!